Treating injuries

Treating baseball injuries

Even if you have protected yourself well from baseball injuries, you may still find yourself dealing with a nasty injury as a baseball player. Do you want to get rid of this injury as soon as possible so you can slowly start playing your favorite sport again? If so, you need to undergo professional treatment at the physical therapist. Exactly what treatment is offered per baseball injury, you can read in the text below.

Treatment of a torn ankle ligament


In case of a torn ankle ligament it is always recommended to consult the physical therapist. This specialist will advise you the RICE method and help you to perform this method correctly so that you can get rid of your injury as quickly as possible. RICE stands for Rest (no loading of the ankle), Ice (cooling the ankle), Compression (wearing a bandage or bandage to strengthen the ankle) and Elevation (keeping the ankle elevated). The physiotherapist will also give additional exercises to stabilize and later strengthen the ankle, after which the professional will determine when you can resume sports and to what extent you can resume playing.


Treatment of whiplash


Just as with the torn ankle ligament, you should also go to the sports physiotherapist for whiplash to have your injury treated. The RICE method is often followed for this injury as well, but additional exercises are also given to reduce the pain, stabilize the calf muscles and slowly stretch the muscles a bit again. Only in consultation with the physiotherapist should you resume sports. If you have a severe form of whiplash that cannot be resolved by going through a treatment program by the physical therapist, you will have to undergo surgery. Fortunately, this severe treatment of this injury is not common and it is often sufficient to visit a sports physiotherapist.


The treatment of bursitis in the elbow


With bursitis in the elbow, two things are very important: rest and cooling. It is important to give the affected elbow as much rest as possible, but you can also reduce the symptoms by cooling the elbow regularly. Do you suffer from a chronic bursitis in the elbow, then you can go to the sports physiotherapist to treat your injury. A chronic bursa inflammation is in fact caused by the reduced functioning of the chain in the elbow, which means, for example, that the muscles and / or joints do not function properly by default and cause symptoms. The physiotherapist will examine whether the complaints in the elbow originate from the chain and what needs to be done to reduce and eventually eliminate the complaints altogether.


Treatment of tennis elbow


The treatment of tennis elbow consists of acute treatment that you should apply immediately upon discovering the injury and the long-term treatment that you undergo to reduce and eventually eliminate the injury. In the acute phase of treatment, it is especially important to control the pain and you do this by cooling the elbow for 12 to 15 minutes. For long-term treatment of your injury, go to the physical therapist. The physical therapist will show you how to stretch the muscles in your arms to reduce the tension in your forearm. You will also work with the physical therapist to increase the load capacity of your forearm so that your forearm can handle more. Finally, the sports physiotherapist will also check the other parts of the chain of the elbow, so that a possible recurrence of the injury can be prevented. By gaining insight into the origins of the complaint, you will have more knowledge to prevent the complaint in the future and this means that you cannot have to deal with a nasty tennis elbow again.

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