All In is looking for sponsors. By sponsoring, the costs of becoming a member of the association can remain low. This means that less fortunate children can also play sports and that is very important to us as an association.

Our baseball fields are in a unique location at the Kempen Campus in Veldhoven. Every school day, over 2,500 pupils and staff cycle to the Sondervick College. Also, more than 300 athletes cycle to various sports clubs every day. In addition, major events are also organised, such as the Veldhoven 10 Miles and the Gala Ball. So there are many visitors and a unique opportunity for you to showcase your company. All In has various forms of sponsorship for the small and large wallet. There is no need to think immediately about a main sponsor for the association or individual teams. In the folder you can read the different possible forms of sponsoring.

Leaflet All In

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