Within All In we have multiple teams, with one team in each age class. This means that everyone is welcome to play baseball, no matter their age or gender.

All In Veldhoven has multiple teams, at least one in every age group. Everyone can join us, from 6 years old all the way up to the age of retirement. Below you will find a list of all our teams, together with the corresponding age group. On these pages, you can read more about each team and when they train.

  • U12, or “Pupillen” (6 – 12)
  • U15, or “Aspiranten” (10 – 15)
  • U21, or “Junioren” (15 – 21)
  • H1, or “Senioren 1” (Seniors 1, 21+)
  • H2, or “Senioren 2” (Seniors 2, 21+)

Do you want to get to know a team better, or have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to answer any questions you’ve got. If you’re interested in joining a team, or joining a couple of trial trainings before making a decision, do also contact us, as we’re happy to introduce you to one of the teams and let you join them in during one of the training nights.

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