Membership Fees

Contribution invoices are sent by All In on a quarterly basis. We offer members the option of having the membership fees collected automatically. If the member does not choose this option, it is expected that he/she will take care of timely payment of the membership fees.

Stichting leergeld

We work together with “Stichting Leergeld de Kempen” to support families who can not come up with the funds needed to send their children to a sports club. For any children aged 4 trough 18 that live in a family at “bijstandsniveau” a reimbursement can be requested to pay membership fees and buy any clothing needed to practice the sport. For more information regarding this arrangement, head over to

Please transfer the contribution to:
Bank Account Number: NL16INGB0004458531
On behalf of: All In, Veldhoven

Please state with your payment:
– First and last name club member
– Period and year to which the payment refers.


Membership fees  

Reference date is the age of the member on 1 January of the relevant year:

Age Range Membership Fee:
4 to 9 years (Beeball) € 72,00 per year (€ 36,00 per half year; € 18,00 per quarter)
8 to 11 years (Pupils) € 110,00 per year (€ 55,00 per half year; € 28,00 per quarter)
12 to 14 years (Aspirants) € 143,00 per year (€ 71,50  per half year; € 36,00  per quarter)
15 to 17 years (Juniors) € 176,00 per year (€ 88,00 per half year; € 44,00 per quarter)
From 18 jaar (Seniors) € 205,00 per year (€ 102,50 per half year; € 46,25 per quarter)

(Extra €45,00 if playing in the first team)

Member Softball Team € 105,00 per year (€ 52,50 per half year; € 26,25 per quarter)
Non playing member: € 40,00 per year


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