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Curious about baseball and softball? Come and join us for a practice session at All In. We are still looking for new players for our teams. Contact us through our contact form and we will put you in touch with the coach or mail to

How to become a member

Have you become so enthusiastic after seeing this website that you also want to play softball or baseball? Or did you visit a game and you were impressed?

To become a member of our club, you have to download the registration form and hand it over (digitally) to our treasurer Peter de Vrieze, or to your trainer/coach. Peter makes sure you are registered with the KNBSB after which you are officially a member and can start playing matches. When your personal details change, you have to tell your trainer, who will make sure they will be included in the member administration.

Registration form

The registration form for when you want to become a member of All In.
Registration form Dutch / Registration form English


Training sessions are done outside from spring to autumn on our field at Knegselseweg in Veldhoven. You train with your own team for one hour in the youth teams, the older players train for one and a half to two hours, depending on how long it is light. During the winter months we train in the gym at the Kempen Campus.


The competition season for baseball and softball starts in mid-April and runs through mid-October. Depending on the number of teams registered in your league, a league consists of about eighteen games. That means that in the months mentioned above, a game is played almost every week except during the summer break. Depending on the team you play in, the matches last one and a half to two hours.

The youth teams use a rotation system in which the parents take turns in bringing the teams to and from away games. This system is used in almost all sports and has proven to be very effective.

When you have just become a member of All In, there is a good chance that you will not be able to participate (fully) in the first few games. Your trainer will decide when you have mastered the game well enough to be able to play without being a danger to yourself and your teammates. It is of course the intention that you come to the matches even if you cannot play yourself. Not only because you will get to know the game better, but also your teammates.

Membership Fee

Please see the the Contribution page for the current contribution details.

Location of the club

The sports fields are located on the Kempen Campus on the Knegselseweg in Veldhoven.

Club wear

To play in a team you need a jersey that you can order from your trainer. The kit consists of grey shorts, a white undershirt with black sleeves, a black overshirt and a black cap. You have to provide yourself with a glove, shoes with studs and black socks.


It’s possible something happens in your life that prohibits you from playing baseball, like a new study, a move to another country or something else. When this happens, you have to unregister from our club through our unregistration form. When you submit this form, our treasurer will put trough your unsubscription and you will get a confirmation. 

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