How to becoma a volunteer ?


Would you like to become a volunteer at All In? Fantastic! We would like to explain to you how this works.

There is a distinction between permanent volunteers and occasional volunteers. We need both, but occasional volunteers help with temporary activities, for example serving coffee at the upcoming ALV. Regular volunteers are members of a committee or the board and ensure that their objectives are met.

Incidental volunteers.

To support an activity we can use volunteers. Please contact the board or committee responsible for the activity. You can also talk to a trainer or coach, so that they can help you further.

Permanent volunteers.

All In has a board and a number of committees, such as a Technical Committee (which takes care of referees, matches, materials and trainers), an Activities Committee (which organises the Mixtoernooi, for example), an Accommodation Committee (which is mainly responsible for field maintenance) and a PR and Sponsorship Committee (for the newsletter, the sportswear and the recruitment of sponsors).
These committees cannot work without volunteers. To become part of them, three steps are needed.
How do you become a volunteer?
  1. Contact the board or the relevant committee. If necessary, a trainer can help you with this.
  2. The team you want to be part of contacts the chairman to make this known and to indicate what the intention is. After this, the team can invite you to join them for a while.
  3. After a trial period, the duration of which depends on the tasks, the board will contact you to welcome you and to take care of some administrative tasks.
From that moment on, you are officially a member of the team. As a club, we strive to give our volunteers a fun occupation that serves our members, so that it is rewarding too.
As chairman, I would like to thank you for considering volunteering for All In; and of course be even more grateful if this consideration leads to an active use of time for the benefit of our members.
Kind regards,
Rob van Kollenburg
Chairman VHSV All In

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