All In has a beautiful uniform of very good quality. If you become a member of All In, you can order the uniform using the order form.
However, it may be that you are not sure which size you need. Especially for this reason, we hold a fitting day at the end of November/beginning of December every year during indoor training. This way you can try on your size first. Do you want to order clothes later in the season? That’s no problem either. Send a message to and our coordinator clothing (Heidi van Kollenburg) will contact you to make an appointment to fit on the clothes.


In addition, we also have our own training clothing line. This new line consists of: T-Shirt, Hoodie, Short and Trainingpants.
The jacket that was previously in our collection has been discontinued. It has been replaced by a Windbreaker. The new training line fits nicely with our competition clothing.


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