Avoid injuries

You can’t always avoid dealing with an injury from playing baseball, but there are some things you can do to greatly reduce the risk of a nasty injury. Which three things these are, you’ll read in the paragraphs below.
  • First, you can reduce the risk of a nasty baseball injury by training well before the games. If you have a game planned, physical therapists always recommend to train well for it. Not only by following regular training sessions, but also by giving all your muscles extra training by doing various strength exercises. By doing strength exercises you not only improve your strength level, but you simply get to know your body better. If you know your body better, then you know better where the weak spots are and how you should deal with these weak spots to avoid annoying injuries. If you know from yourself that your elbow joints are a bit weaker, then you can train the muscles in your arms extra well to prevent elbow injuries.
  • Second, it is wise to always perform a warm-up before the match starts. A warm-up ensures that your muscles are warmed up, making them less stiff and less likely to tear. When the match is over, you should always do a cooling-down. Not only the warm-up, but also the cool-down ensures less stiff muscles and reduces the risk of injuries.

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