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From Sunday 5 September customers of PLUS André and Joyce van Reijen in Veldhoven can save points for our club All In.

After the summer customers can save sponsorpoints for a club or association in their neighbourhood. Customers decide for themselves to which club or association they want to donate their loyalty points. The more sponsoring points a club receives, the more euros it raises for its treasury. The participating clubs and associations may spend the amount that has been collected by PLUS customers at their own discretion. For example for the purchase of the club house.

This is how you save:

  • From Sunday 5 September to Saturday 13 November 2021, you receive one sponsor point for every 10 Euros of shopping and for selected action products.
  • Scratch open the unique code on your voucher and scan the QR code with your mobile phone or go to
  • Choose “Honkbalvereniging All In“. Enter the unique code and activate.
  • Of course digital saving is also possible. You will then receive your sponsor points in the PLUS app. When you save digitally, you immediately receive one sponsor point for free.
  • The more sponsoring points you save, the more money you save for our association.
  • For more information and the action conditions, go to

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